Friday, March 9, 2012

A Communications System Engineer Blog is born!

3, 2, 1 and we are live!
This is the first blog post on this web-log. I am a Communications System Engineer and am passionate about this field. My goal of writing this blog is to provide useful information to all the Communications System Engineers. For blog contents I either use my technical knowledge in this area, or will get help from great communications system engineers, scientists, and university professors. Here is a partial list of what I have in mind to put in the blog posts:
  • Useful Tips: good to know tips and techniques for design and development of communication systems
  • News: interesting news related to the field of communication systems
  • Software/Hardware: discuss some useful software/hardware for communications system engineers
  • Useful links: useful links and websites for communications system engineers
  • History: a little bit of history related to communications system engineering
  • Others: other relevant and interesting information, anything from math and physics to science, and art. 
I hope that you find the blogs useful and interesting to read. Of course, your comments are not only appreciated, but also will help me to refine posts and possibly use your suggestions and feed-backs in later blog posts.  

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